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Palladium Symbol Pd Atomic number is 46, It is used in many industries for its properties, the main of this precious and rare metal are in medicine, automobile industry or in dentistry dental prostheses. The metal is largely similar to Platinum, containing iridium, silver, platinum and gold. The physical and chemical properties of the elements allow wide use in the chemical industry, electronics and jewelry rings.

They are in the largest mines in the world found in alluvial deposits. World production Urals Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, Colombia and South Africa that this territory has the largest reserves. As Curiosity Element Pd It is also found in asteroids and meteorites that come to Earth. The characteristics similar to many of the periodic table by its appearance and the weight of silvery white color.

The information contained in this website does not constitute advice or Investments of any kind, You can use the calculator to know the current Prices of Palladium by grams or by Kilos knowing to calculate that (1 ounce is 31.1 grams) remember that there are real time quotes Is updated once a week.

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